38 Tools to Kick-Start any Business

A definitive guide on powerful handpicked business tools which everyone can use to validate their idea, launch a startup, start or grow a business within a tight timeframe and with little to no budget. Save money by creating anything on your own at the start

It took me 5 years to get here:

All those years I have been launching businesses (mainly startups), failing, launching again, succeeding over and over again.. apart from the overwhelming experience and lessons learned I have also collected an extensive a toolset that helped me streamline the process and iterate & learn x100 faster when launching something from scratch with minimal effort (both time & money).

Here it is:

Creative branding, data-driven marketing campaigns, amazing conversion optimized website, valid legal documents and beyond - you can literally create anything on your own with a right tool since technology is more accessible for everyone today that anytime before.

Create a Logo

https://www.logopony.com/ - a bit biased but if you need a timeless, minimal logo design with attention to details and a bit more complex than just an icon with a font that’s the tool you should use, it’s also on a promotion with very attractive price
https://www.tailorbrands.com/ - logos designs and assets are quite dated and they are the only ones who sell logos by a subscription, however they offer additional services with your purchase to help you get started (social post makers, social post scheduler, etc.) as well as a very big and active community
https://www.designevo.com/ - the biggest selection of really diverse and editable logo templates sorted by industry, however these are templates which means they are not unique. So more people use it - more duplicate logos will be made. But they are free with an affordable paid option for print files.

Create Business cards

https://www.oqtor.com/ - new player, uses Artificial Intelligence to design your business card and a Human Intelligence to print it and deliver to your doorstep. Only a single paper type to choose from
https://www.moo.com/us/products/business-cards.html - top notch design quality and vast amounts of paper types to choose from, comes with for a bit higher price
https://www.vistaprint.com/business-cards - choose your business card from a predefined design, fill in your data and order it printed on variety of paper types and extras

Create a Website

https://strikingly.com - small, simple very easy to use, fast website builder that is made with love and user satisfaction in the first place. Has very basic functions but works like a charm if you need something really simple yet beautiful
https://www.squarespace.com/ - design-centric simple website builder think Apple for website. Sleek, beautiful, easy to use with very basic eCommerce features for artists, painters, musicians and others but lacks in some advanced features
https://wix.com - feature-centric, the biggest and greatest website builder with basic eCommerce features. Has awesome builder, dozens of features and addons the best-in-class however might be a bit overwhelming for starters
https://weebly.com - website builder with basic eCommerce functionalities built it, fair features, fair pricing best deal for the buck

Create a Blog

https://wordpress.org - powers 34% of all the web, nothing can compare in features with them but use it if you need some extra features and if you have a lot of content
https://medium.com - most robust, way to go option since it is easy to use, instant setup and most importantly has a great community. Use this if you want to start writing asap and get those eyeballs on your content immediately without additional efforts

Create an Online shop

https://shopify.com - most easy and fast online shop builder tool for small (you can even start with a single product) shops with dozens of plugins for literally anything and a thriving community
https://www.volusion.com/ - second to Shopify, a bit less features, smaller community but the price is lower too
https://www.bigcommerce.com - platform mostly oriented for sellers selling on eBay/Amazon and who needs to do business across various platforms and marketplaces, very powerful solution

Open Offline shop

https://squareup.com - easy setup, fast and simple solution for selling from your backyard or the back of your trunk. Get their gadget that pairs with a smartphone and accept credit cards everywhere instantly
https://www.paypal.com/signup-pph - collect credit card payments straight to your PayPal account
https://www.innerfence.com - more robust and established solution to collect Credit Card payments offline

Create Posters, banners, flyers or any other hand-out or web graphics

https://www.canva.com/ - absolute winner, create ANY graphics you might need e.g.: hand-outs, web banners, social posts, etc. for your business fast, super easy and free. Comes with the biggest template library online so what else do you need? Some better templates are paid though.
https://crello.com/ - a new player with a bit smaller library but completely free, has some very quality templates if you spend some time looking for them
https://spark.adobe.com/ - Adobe's take on graphics for the masses, not quite user-friendly though and more suitable for professional designers rather than normal people

Create Graphs & charts

https://www.visme.co/graph-maker/ - beautiful and flexible chart/graph creator with lots of chart types available
https://venngage.com/blog/beam/ - super easy step-by-step graph creator with very user friendly interface and beautiful visuals

Create Surveys & polls

https://www.surveymonkey.com/ - most notorious and old player, a go-to for everyone who needs to create and send out a customer survey
https://www.fieldboom.com/ - second best competitor, same features but better design and more user friendly
https://surveybot.io/ - something completely different from above two: a Facebook Messenger survey bot. A breath of fresh air in the world of never-ending survey emails and most importantly: this nets you double response rates compared to standard tools

Create Presentations & infographics

https://infogram.com/ - easiest and most used infographic creator tool, lots of templates, user-friendly and fast
https://www.visme.co/ - more features but a bit more busy interface
https://piktochart.com/ - easy and free, but most of quality templates are paid

Create various Printables

https://www.moo.com - top choice, best designs, user-friendly website and designer app service a bit pricey though. Worldwide delivery since they have factories on all continents
https://www.vistaprint.com/ - oldest online print shop with biggest design selection though the designs, designer app and clipart are a bit dated though they are cheaper then others

Create T-shirts, baseball caps or other branded apparel

https://www.uberprints.com - large selection of apparel styles, very user-friendly website and designer app with top quality cliparts and pre-designed styles that you can edit
https://www.customink.com - biggest selection of printable apparel and designs, but the designer app, graphics and clipart are very basic and a bit dated but they are on the cheap side

Create Stickers

https://www.stickermule.com - largest design collection and sticker formats to fit almost anything, on a prices side though. Worldwide delivery
https://www.makestickers.com/ - smaller design selection but more better stuff, more user-friendly interface, cheaper and has worldwide delivery

-- more tools will be added soon --