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Text, Font based logos

What’s in a name?

If you’re a company that recognises the importance of a name then text based font is probably for you.

There’s a good reason Goldman Sachs don’t have an image of a little gold man alongside their name. They recognise that a strong name needs no further introduction.

Clear, concise typography logos provide an effective visual and come complete with the major advantage of providing your business name instant recognition. This also makes font based logos a popular choice with startups and new businesses who want to penetrate the market and get their name noticed.

Discover our range of Text and Font based logos to take your business from bog standard to top branded.

Fonts - The success of a text based logo weighs heavily on your choice of font. Go for a font that best reflects your company and the skilled business you provide.

Colours - Black and white offer both classic and contemporary appeal and can give a polished and professional impression. Browns and greys can appear more masculine or serious, while colours can provide energy and approachability

Style - Clean, concise logos reflect professionally conducted, straightforward business

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