Abstract Logo Design

Geometric, Minimal logos

Geometric designs are renowned for being innately pleasing to the eye.

Everyone can picture the iconic Apple logo. Abstract, minimal logos such as this one provide a distinctive brand identity, permeating the mind of consumers to become instantly recognisable, in turn securing your business firmly in their mind.

An ideal and popular choice for tech companies, design companies and other creative and innovative sectors, geometric and minimalist logos conjure a sense of clarity, directness and integrity.

Peruse through our selection of abstract logos to gather inspiration and decide which style best reflects your business and suits your goals.

Font - Simplistic, or futuristic fonts can complement geometric or abstract logos well, in-keeping with the direct and innovative image

Colours - Black, grey or white work especially well as a backdrop for more abstract logos, helping them to stand out more to the eye. Colourful logos can work well to promote certain associations, such as green for health or nutrition or blue for technology

Style - Straight-forward, minimalistic styles appear striking and more applicable to a variety of uses

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