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The use of icons is logos is a design concept that's held strong since the ancient times. To this day, they remain one of the best possible ways to brand your business, identity and message in the most effective and immediate way possible.

Used across a wide range of industries and businesses with profound success, logos using icons provide instant engagement, and striking, memorable appeal.

Often organisations use their initials as an effective means of streamlining their company brand, typically when they have a long name. Think NASA, or Coco Chanel. Icons offer a savvy alternative to branding a distinct company identity, enabling the infusion of abstract meaning into a unique image far more compelling and identifiable than a long-winded company name.

logo fonts Font Your font should accurately reflect the nature and personality of your business

logo colours Colours Black and white can appear striking, sleek and professional, while colours such as red, orange or yellow can appear bold, youthful, passionate and inviting

logo style Style A clear, crisp image hinging on simplicity reflects impeccable conciseness and skill

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