Animals Logo Design

Shelters, Vets, Pet Grooming

Pet owners want the purr-fect care for their beloved companions. Which is why it’s a great idea to put care into your logo.

Whether you’re a vets, grooming service, shelter or offer pet food or toys, a well designed logo can go a long way to ensuring clients and customers are clear about the level of expertise you provide and confident to trust you hold their pets best interests at heart as much as they do.

Browse our range of logo ideas for animal focused businesses to fetch the one that suits you best.

Font - Rounded, bubbly fonts project fun and happiness. More delicate or sharper fonts can indicate care and skilful service

Colours - Black and white suggests class and professionalism. Bright and multi-colours, such as orange or yellow can appear energetic, welcoming and playful. Green and blue are associated with nature and health and trustworthiness

Style - Clear, clean images reflect a positive environment and proficient service

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