Art Logo Design


You've already got the gift of capturing meaningful snapshots in time. Now give your business the gift of a memorable logo!

While a little help from your friends can go a long way, you can't always rely on word of mouth to get you the opportunities you deserve. This is why you can never beat a little help from your logo!

As the saying goes, art is not what you see but is what you make others see. A stellar logo follows this same principle.

Designed with the same eye and techniques you use to master those beautiful artwork, your logo has the potential to captivate future clients. Put the time into perfecting the right logo and you could be spending more of your time creating the artwork you love. The logo of an artist should reflect their unique style, their vision. Feast your eye on our range of Art based logo designs for some of that all important inspiration.

Fonts - Your font should reflect your style of your artwork

Colours - Black and white can achieve professional appeal. Vibrant colours can impress bold creativity. Pale tones can evoke a celestial, more delicate feel

Style - A minimalist or crisp, clean layout reflects a mastery of framing and space. Busier layouts can suggest creativity and fun

Make your own stunning logo in minutes