Barber Logo Design

Beard and Mustache grooming

You’ve long mastered the art of delivering high quality hair styling that leaves your clients feeling prim and dapper. Now it’s time to style or refresh your logo with the same superior skill.

Design yourself the ultimate logo. The one that will make your barbershop stand out, your website full of clout and your business cards something you’re proud to dish out!

Browse our range of Barbershop logo designs to find the logo that makes the cut!

Font - Choose a font most appropriate to the style of your barbershop

Colours - Black and white can create a slick, contemporary or classic and polished professional appeal. Red can appear bold, youthful and passionate. Yellows and oranges are more playful, exciting and welcoming

Style - Go for simple but effective designs aptly reflecting sharp skill and professionalism

Make your own stunning logo in minutes