Blog Logo Design

Lifestyle, Health, Beauty, Personal development

Most businesses offer a service or product in return for money. With a blog, you’re asking for people’s time and as we all know, time is precious.

Which is why you need a logo clever enough to persuade your audience that by reading your blog, they’ll be wasting theirs wisely!

Pick a logo that aptly reflects your niche. Whether you’re blogging about lifestyle, health & fitness, beauty & fashion or personal development, hone in on the style of audience you’re hoping to attract. Think about what will pique their intrigue and send them clicking to learn or read more. Skilled blog writing requires you to focus on a subject and write according to what you think your readers want to see. Applying this same consideration to designing your logo, you can create an image that strikes a chord with people before they’ve even read what you have to say.

Peruse our range of Blog Logo designs ready to make your blog the cream of the crop!

Font - Sharp, simple lines and bold or classic fonts can indicate more serious, professional, technical or heavier/hard-hitting topics. More flowing, rounded fonts suggest imaginative, fun, light-hearted, or creative topics

Colours - Bright shades of greens, reds, yellows and purples can reflect fun and vivacious themes or particular specialisms such as health, fitness and fashion. Pastels and more subdued hues can suggest certain styles of fashion or beauty and more relaxed lifestyle blogs

Styles - Clean, clear designs tend to have more impact and convey the artful simplicity and substance inherent in any good blog

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