Catering Logo Design

Wedding/Party service, Food trucks, HORECA

The venue is set. The guests have confirmed their attendance. Everything else is in place. Now your clients are relying on you to ensure their day goes as successful as planned.

You’ve already got your food to sizzle, your service to shine and the entire event to well and truly stun. Now you just need the perfect logo to showcase!

Event catering can be a competitive business. Whether it’s weddings, parties or events, clients often have a lot to organise and want to be rapidly assured your catering service goes above and beyond their desired standard and is always up to scratch.

Your logo will likely be the first thing they see as they browse potential choices. It also provides your face on your business cards, advertising, uniforms and more. This makes it a powerful tool if thought out carefully.

Have a look at our variety of Catering Logo Designs to rustle up a logo you can’t wait to dish up.

Font - Elegant, italic or traditional fonts can reflect class, polished etiquette and professionalism. Bubbly, rounded and bold fonts can be great for conveying a fun, energetic, or partying vibe

Colours - Black and white can offer both classic and contemporary, polished appeal. Subdued and pastel hues can also work well. Bright colours can convey a sense of fun for food trucks and party services

Style - Sleek, crisp and minimalist designs with carefully thought embellishment, work best, conveying cleanliness and attention to detail

Make your own stunning logo in minutes