Cleaning Logo Design

Home, Office, Carpets & Furniture cleaning services

Where would we be without cleaners eh?

Professional cleaners offer an incredible service. Busting dust, banishing grime and benefitting our lives by leave our homes, offices, cars and clothes feeling like brand new!

But when deciding on the right candidate for the work, homes and businesses not only need to be sure they’re getting the standard of cleaning they’re paying for, but must also often consider carefully the cleaners they entrust to enter their home or office, often when they may not be there themselves.

This is where your logo can help. Designed to reflect the same professionalism and reliable, high standard of your cleaning business, a well considered logo can help to establish your company identity and build the recognition you need to place you clear and sparkling in the forefront of potential clients minds. Browse our range of Cleaning Logos to get some inspiration and create a logo that glistens!

Font - Choose a font which best reflects the skill and professionalism of your business

Colours - Black and white or pastels can create a smart, professional and reliable image

Style - Clean, concise, minimalist styles reflect an organised, hygienic service

Make your own stunning logo in minutes