Coaching Logo Design

Life, Career, Business, Mental coaches

Up-lifting. Encouraging. Supporting. Leading. These are all qualities endemic of a good coach, be it a life coach steering clients through troubled waters or a career coach driving a client to hit their quarterly targets. These are also the qualities that need to be reflected in a good coaching logo.

The same consideration and support you offer should be reflected into your logo. Clients and potential clients need to be confident they can approach you and gain what they are seeking.

Take a look at our range of Coaching Logos to decide the image most likely to steer you down the path to success.

Font - Choose a font which best reflects your line of coaching

Colours - Black and white offer professional, contemporary appeal. Shades of green, blue, yellow and purple can evoke optimism, calm or energy, appear more accessible and are associated with health and wellbeing

Style - Clear, clean and simplistic designs can provide a striking image and suggest clarity of mind

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