Construction Logo Design

Renovation, Engineering

Everybody knows construction is a tough line of work. Whether you’re skilled in the tricky business of construction, renowned in the art of renovation, or an expert in the field of engineering, you all know a solid project hinges on being reliable, stable and sustainable. So too should your logo.

Remember your logo will provide the face of your presence in a new area, signage boards, branding, corporate documents, email signatures, business cards, company vans, hard hats, hi-vis jackets and more.

This is why it’s important to build a logo possessing the same professionalism, quality and skill with which you pride your business on attaining.

Choose from our variety of Construction logo designs to construct the logo which conjures you best.

Font - Choose a font which best reflects the professional but forward-thinking nature of your construction business

Colours - Orange is invigorating, energetic. Brown can appear rugged and masculine. Black can look slick, modern and luxurious. Greens can reflect nature and sustainability

Style - Smart, orderly logos represent the skilful artistry of commendable construction

Make your own stunning logo in minutes