Consulting Logo Design

Lawyers, Accountants, PR Managers, Translators

If you were a baker your bread would be your product, but you aren’t a baker, you are a consultant and the professional advice that your clients seek to procure from you is your product.

Prominent roles in consulting firms such as Lawyers, Accountants, PR or Translation require years of challenging training to attain and it is important for your logo to reflect this extraordinary level of acquired expertise. If your business hinges on your level of professionalism, the success of your logo hinges on it’s professionalism too.

Browse our range of Consulting Logos to figure out the image that’ll make you stand out from the rest.

Font - Pick a font which appropriately represents the nature of your consulting business and your level of expertise, proficiency and professionalism

Colours - Shades of black, white and grey can work for both classic, and contemporary, polished and professional appeal. Brown can appear more serious and masculine

Style - A sharp, competent design suggests a practised, highly skilled business. Typography based logos are commonly used for law firms

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