Cosmetics Logo Design

Scrubs, Creams and Lotions

In a world where so many products are pumped full of harmful ingredients and tested on animals, more and more people are looking to products like yours to fill their home chockfull with cosmetics they can trust.

So let them know why they should choose you. Your logo goes a long way into projecting the nature of your products and helping to get your brand recognised.

Designed with the same thought and integrity that you put into making your handmade or natural cosmetics, your logo can help to quickly establish you as a recognised brand that customers can continue to choose with a clear conscience.

Have a browse of our Natural Cosmetic Logo Designs to discover the one which reflects your outlook best.

FontRounded, bubbly text can appear more youthful, energising or friendly. Italic or traditional font can be elegant and invigorating and work well for attracting more upscale customers

ColoursBlack and white offer classic appeal. Bright or multi-colours can seem quirky, exciting and healthy. Pastel colours and subdued hues of purples, turquoises and blues can appear calming, relaxing/therapeutic and rejuvenating

StyleMinimalistic, simplistic, or quirky styles tend to perform best at achieving a striking logo and indicate cleanliness, ethical nature and purity of your products

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