Events Logo Design

Conferences, Workshops, Meetups

Your logo is usually the first thing people see. Just as you wouldn’t turn up to an important job interview in ripped jeans and a t-shirt, you shouldn’t stand to let your logo be the only thing letting you down.

Your logo represents your business, so it pays to present it well.

Events such as conferences and workshops are usually aimed at inspiring, informing, and motivating. Gatherings and parties are typically focused on encouraging lively conversation, fun (and perhaps a few drinks!).

With every event, clients and attendees expect professionalism, organisation, efficiency and unbeatable service. Show them you’re just the ticket by ensuring your logo reflects the same professional standard and expertise your events promise to provide.

A well designed logo can become a trusted face on your company website, office or business cards. It can also make great “swag”, perfect for putting on t-shirts, badges, pens and other quirky freebies.

Take a look at our range of events logos to decipher the image that represents you best so you can create a logo that pops.

FontPrestigious, high class or exceptionally skilled events can benefit from crisp, sharp lines or traditional, classic fonts which convey professionalism and expertise. Parties or more light hearted events may find rounded, bold or contemporary fonts more suited

ColoursBlack and white or dark colours such as navy blue can appear sleek, polished and sophisticated. Pale or brighter colours convey a sense of energy, fun and enthusiasm

StyleSparse or minimalistic styles tend to be more effective

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