Fashion Logo Design

Apparel, Handmade, Clothing brands

Tailor a logo that reflects your fashion!

You wouldn’t sell items that were boring, tasteless, or a bad fit, right? So why would you sell the image of your business that way?

Tailored right, with just the right amount of frill, plenty of flow and a good old sprinkling of charm, your logo can evoke the same effortless style and authentic skill you’re buzzing to promote.

Whether it’s for your Etsy Store, your Instagram avatar, labels, or business cards, it’s a great idea to make sure you achieve the logo that best reflects what your designs and style are all about, helping to more firmly build and establish yourself as a recognisable brand. You never know, you might even turn that part-time pash into a full-time smash!

Think carefully about the shapes, the lines, the curves, the colours. Remember, you want a logo you’re proud to parade, a logo your customers will love wearing and sharing too!

Browse our selection of clothing and apparel logos to fashion a logo that fits.

FontSelect a font that reflect the style of apparel you create and personality of your brand. Classic, simplistic fonts can create a professional appeal and reflect timeless fashion. Rounded, contemporary or embellished fonts can scream hip, quirky or in-trend.

ColoursBlack and white has classic appeal and can appear very sleek and professional. Colourful logos work particularly well with younger, more niche or more adventurous styles.

StyleA minimalist, straighter design reflects skilled tailor-ship and accurate design and fit, while busier or more unusual styles can express more embellished or creative style.

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