Fitness Logo Design

Gym, Bodybuilding

Any true fitness buff knows you either use your muscles, or you lose them.

This same principle applies to maintaining your brand identity. Where branding is concerned, your logo is that muscle.

Use it or you stand to lose out.

Whether you’re a gym, a personal trainer or bodybuilder, once you have a solid logo in place, there are endless avenues that you can promote your business, from social media and posters, to magazines and merchandise.

Run through our range of specially designed fitness logos to achieve the logo that’s fit for you!

Font - Choose a font that reflects the style of fitness you provide

Colours - Black, bold reds, greys, browns and mustard yellows can assist in creating a tougher, more rugged image for your logo, ideal for martial arts, weights or boxing. Paler or brighter colours such as pinks, oranges, greens and blues can appear more welcoming, invigorating, clean and healthy

Style - Silhouettes of active figures or weights can work well. Simple, recognisable logos are more effective and versatile and suggest clean, straightforward skill and professional conduct

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