Grooming Logo Design

Hair stylists

Where would we be without good hairdressers? There’s no doubt about it, there’s nothing quite like a decent haircut or change of hairstyle to make someone feel brand new again!

Every salon owner understands the pressure to stay ahead of the crowd and remain on top of the latest hair trends. The same principle applies to branding identity. Achieving a logo as savvy as your styling can be a tricky task if you’re confused on where to even start.

When someone lets you cut their hair, they’re putting their trust in you that you won’t send them screaming off home to hide under their duvet! This is why it’s important to create an image that brands your business in a way which accurately represents it’s professionalism and integrity.

Putting that same pride and careful thought you place into getting each cut looking fabulous is exactly what will make your logo go that extra mile.

Check out our range of logo designs on offer to begin styling and shaping your logo to reflect the same high quality hair styling your customers can expect.

FontsFonts with sharper edges are often favoured by salons who create more captivating, hot-off-the-press style, while rounder edges might reflect skilled shaping and styling and can appear more friendly and approachable

ColoursBolder, more dramatic colours such as red and purple can work well for more hip or edgier salons, while more subdued shades of colours such as green or yellow can complement businesses with a more laid back or organic feel. Black and white can create a sleek, sophisticated impression

StylesClean, uncluttered logos featuring clear, balanced graphics help to portray a professional and polished image

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