Handmade Logo Design

Jewelry, Crafts, Home & Living

You’ve successfully turned your hand to your craft. Now give your handmade shop the personal touch and recognition it deserves with a logo that’s perfectly tailored to suit.

A logo that mirrors the same quality, creativity and skill you put into your craft, can be the key to attracting more customers. You’ve already mastered the art of eye-catching products, now you need a logo that catches the eye of your prospective buyers.

Take a look at our range of Handmade Logo ideas to tailor the design that sets you apart.

Font - Quirky or italic and rounded fonts can represent more unique or imaginative crafts, while more traditional or streamlined fonts can create a professional, classic appeal

Colours - Black and white can create a classic, sleek, polished or traditional feel. Subdued multi-colours or brighter shades can highlight more creative crafts

Style - Pick a logo which is simple but distinctive, reflecting skilful creativity and piquing intrigue

Make your own stunning logo in minutes