Handyman Logo Design

Electricians, Plumbers, Painting & Home Improvement

You’ve mastered your trade. Now it’s time to do more of it.

When choosing a tradesman, homeowners often becoming aware that they are essentially inviting a stranger into their home.

A well designed and professional looking logo can provide assurance to homeowners when making their decision that it is a true and trustworthy professional that they are hiring. A logo which reflects the same level of skill you provide reminds customers of the services you offer and helps to establish recognition, whether locally or further afield.

Font - Choose a font which best suits your specialist trade

Colours - Brown can be aesthetically rugged, sturdy and serious. Shades of black and white can suggest authenticity and professionalism. Blue inspires trust, while oranges and yellows can appear energetic and accessible

Style - Precise, simple yet thoughtful designs can reflect the mastery of your trade

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