Makers & Craft Logo Design

Woodcutters, Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, Tailors

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist and not the sitter. When you take pride in your work, it reveals you. Be that the perfect dovetail joint, the flawless folded steel or the immaculately clean weld.

The professional tradesman reveals himself with every stroke of his brush. A well designed logo assures your clients that there is no detail too small or blemish too forgivable not to warrant your professional attention and care.

Crafted with the same skill and level of expertise with which you approach your trade, your logo has the potential to instil confidence and gain immediate recognition from potential customers.

Browse our range of Makers & Craft Logos to master the design that best reflects your trade.

Font - Pick a font which best reflects the nature or distinct style of your craft

Colours - Brown can appear serious, rugged, masculine. Grey can appear classic and serious. Black has polished, modern and professional appeal. Blue can help to evoke trustworthiness

Style - Simple, clean-cut and well considered designs reflect skilful, practiced trades and crafts, taken seriously

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