Medical Logo Design

Dentists, Therapists, Paramedics and Kids doctor

When choosing a healthcare provider, clients wants to know that they are in the steady and capable hands of an elite professional who has trained for almost all of their young life to keep them free from harm.

They say you should never trust a doctor who can’t keep his office plants alive. Medical professionals need to present an image of the utmost care at all times. A well designed logo ensures that all your prospective clients are presented with this image of professionalism from the moment they’re handed your card.

Browse our range of Medical Logos to establish the one which suits you best.

Font - Choose a font which projects the professionalism, expertise and authenticity of your service

Colours - Blues and greens can be calming, suggest health and can stimulate feelings of trust, security and cleanliness. White is commonly associated with purity, clarity and hygiene

Style - Simplistic to compliment this pure, clean feel

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