Music Logo Design

Band and DJ's

Maybe you’ve got your music all figured out. Perhaps you’ve already put on a few shows or are recording that EP you can’t wait to release. There’s just one thing; you’re missing a logo. How important could it be, right? Just plant your band name in a cool font and voila!

Not so fast.

Think of the most iconic artists you know. Now picture their logo. We bet you could draw them all from memory. Logos can disappear into the distance or reverberate for miles, securing an imprint in the minds of many for decades to come. Put simply, logos are important.

After all, a logo doesn’t just reflect your band, it reflects your brand! Your logo offers one of the most powerful tools to gaining that recognition. A stellar logo arms you with a memorable trademark ready to put on anything, from merchandise and social media, to drum heads and even the skin of diehard fans! Which is why your logo deserves the same kind of attention you give to perfecting those all important riffs, melodies and beats! Check out our range of band and DJ logos to create the perfect harmony of shapes, fonts and colours and master a visual that will rattle around the skull of your fans along with all those catchy tunes you work so hard on.

Fonts - Your font should capture the essence and style of your music and the type of musicians you aspire to present yourselves as.

Colours - Black and white can appear slick, professional or moody and often work wonders for metal, RnB and heavier music. Pale colours evoke feelings of calm and creativity and often suit more folk or acoustic styles. Neons and fusions of bold eyepopping colour are creative and upbeat, often ideal for DJs and genres such as techno and pop.

Style - Clear, crisp designs can achieve a bold, memorable image. Vibrant, busier designs can inspire intrigue.

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