Non-profits Logo Design

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Non-profit organisations do a lot of valuable work, but it doesn’t always come easy.

To make your non-profit effective, it’s crucial to make people aware of who you are, what you set out to do and why they should join or support you in your cause.

This is why it’s wise to put your logo to work. Your logo is usually the first thing people see and their first chance to establish what your non-profit is all about. Which is why it’s important your logo is not only aesthetically pleasing, but memorably represents your nonprofit’s mission and purpose.

A powerful logo can impart an important message. It can inspire people to learn more about you and can help your non-profit to gain the recognition and backing it deserves.

Whether you want to use your non-profit initials as the basis for your logo or feature an image that accurately represents what your non-profit is focused around, it’s important to think carefully about the shapes, lines and colours you use in order to create the most immediate impact possible.

Take a look at our range of non-profit logo ideas to get inspired on how best to create a logo which can inspire others to join your cause!

Font - Set your sights on a font which best reflects the personality and desired purpose of your nonprofit

Colours - Red can evoke feelings of power and passion. Yellow can stimulate feelings of optimism. Orange can help to arouse feelings of energy. Green is often associated with nature

Style - Clear, crisp designs can create a more striking and versatile image

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