SPA & Relaxation Logo Design

Massage, Aromatherapy, Medical

Who doesn’t love a good spa?

These sublime places offer the invaluable relaxation, tranquility and escapism all of us crave as a break from our gruel of routine.

From the occasional aromatherapy and massage to medical spa treatments and full blown SPA holidays, there are all manner of these blissful, restorative retreats on offer.

So when it comes to thinking of a place to pick, customers don’t want to stress out over their choice. A poignant, memorable logo can help you stand out in the minds of past and potential clients, helping to make you their most reliable, therapeutic pick.

Your logo is the first thing potential customers are likely to see, so it’s important your logo reflects the same relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere your spa service provides.

Put effort into designing your logo so that you can sit back and relax, as your image works to welcome you more business.

Font - Traditional and elegant fonts can create a professional, polished appeal

Colours - Subdued hues of turquoise, blues, greens, yellows and lilacs are therapeutic, welcoming and calming

Style - Minimalistic styles help to reflect the calming, pure sensation that spas set out to instil

Make your own stunning logo in minutes