Trainers Logo Design

Personal, Yoga/Pilates, Fitness trainers

The fitness industry in the world has exploded. There are now over 201,000 gyms (or churches as the more devout fitness fanatics call them) worldwide. That’s more gyms than their are people in some countries. So as a personal trainer you must often be left wondering how do I cut through the noise in such an exploding market?

And of course, the answer is with an explosive logo.

With the simple yet profound effect of cleverly designed imagery, your logo can encourage trust and inspires potential clients to get in touch, confident that you can benefit their lives. Design a logo that reflects the style of fitness you offer while harnessing the same finesse with which you perform your training role.

Powering through our range of Trainers logo designs is the perfect way to get started!

Font - Choose a font which best represents the style of fitness or specialist training you offer

Colours - Black and white can create striking, professional designs. Blues and greens are associated with health. Orange, yellow or red can evoke feelings of optimism, passion, drive and energy

Style - Aim for a clear, crisp design for a more striking image implicative of both your proficiency and efficiency

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